Installation and debugging of sand making machine

Sand making machine is a wide range of applications machinery and equipment transported to the post, after consultation between the two sides time, mountain sand American machine will be assigned to carry out installation and commissioning; but for some customers want to install it yourself, then we hereby remind you manager: installation and commissioning process to carefully read the installation instructions, while paying attention to the eight steps:

1, in the installation, the installation must first of all have a very understanding of sand making machine, such as structure, performance, etc.. Then determine the appropriate installation process and process according to the situation.

2, in the installation of the first we must have the lifting equipment, there is no such a large crane equipment can not be normal installation success. Before the fixed equipment, me first to seriously check the equipment of the reserved space is enough, then check the anchor bolt reserved hole of the coordinate of the position. Equipment of longitudinal and transverse coordinate basis (vertical and horizontal curve) respectively is equipment of the center line and the axis line of the rotor, the reserved space and anchor bolt reserved hole center set difference should not exceed plus or minus 10 mm.

3, equipment and foundation should be filled with absorbing materials, to prevent it is put into production is the basis of equipment is not strong, so as to affect the progress of the work.

4, installation of the body, a straight face, body and foundation of the intersecting planes not anchor bolts should be fastened repeatedly, infrastructure should be enough space for the installation of a transport device and equipment maintenance.

5, sand making machine motor installation is completed, should be based on the actual situation of the installation, equipped with a protective cover.

6, plate hammer on the rotor sometimes radial on dynamic gap, so after the new machine is used for the first time counterattack plate frame and hammer the gap width must ensure that no less than 20mm, to ensure that the plate hammer and the rear frame are unlikely to collide.

7, the back plate and the plate hammer of the gap between the need to gradually adjust the small, red star heavy industry proposed to adjust the number of rotor rotation, check whether the impact. After adjusting the lock sleeve nut, to prevent the back plate from the vibration of the screw loose and gradually decreased with the plate hammer collision.

8, the production of sand machine in the lower part of the material, the installation height and how to feed and feed device, all should be in the installation process to realize the full consideration.

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