The knowledge of Manufactured Sand

As construction continued to increase the amount of available natural sand and gravel become less and less, even in parts of the phenomenon, no sand available, and the country several times developed a policy against the exploitation of natural sand, which led to the increased price of sand resource. Around to solve the difficult current situation of the sand which needs to be used in construction, the use of artificial sand maker system is currently able to meet their urgent needs, the best way.

Manufactured sand is also known as artificial sand with particle size finer than 5mm, it is produced by rock exploitation, mechanical crushing and screening. Shanghai Sanme can offer two kinds of sand making production line that are dry sand and wet sand. Here is a flow chart for dry sand making production line.

The sand maker in this flow chart is VSI-5000 Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher, 80-150TPH capacity. It adopts German technology, can be 720 hours continuous operation without shutting down, so fantastic.

Some metal and nonmetal mines in the mining process will produce a lot of tailings; VSI-5000 Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher can not only take advantage of these tailings. Artificial sand will be a developing trend for the settlement of difficulties with sand, on the other hand can take advantage of the mining tailings, and create more value! The sand making machine will bring unprecedented development prospects.